The Valispace analysis is a type of dynamic document that you can use to write design description that are automatically updated, you can add budgets and charts, and you can share are collaborate on documents.

Analysis overview

Creating an analysis

To create an analysis, click on "New analysis" or the "+" sign in the bottom right and choose an empty analysis.

create analysis

You can edit the name and other properties of the analysis in the edit panel on the right. There you can also add labels to the analysis. Labels are shown as a kind of folders in the sidebar on the left. An analysis can have several labels and will then show up in several places in the tree.

edit analysis

Adding blocks

To add a new block to the analysis, click "Add block" in the bottom of the document or drag and drop a block from the sidebar on the right.

Writing text

When adding a text block, you can choose between different levels of headings or normal text. After adding the block you can add text by clicking on the block and starting to type.

add text analysis

To format the text, select the desired text and select the formatting or use the shortcuts seen below:

format text analysis

Referencing Valis

To reference the value of a Vali in the text, type a dollar sign, $, and start typing the name of the Vali in the popup box. The value of the Vali will be shown in the text once you click outside the block.

reference vali analysis

Adding images

To add an image to the analysis, click "Add block", select the image block and drag and drop an image onto the block.

Adding tables

There are two kinds of tables to add to an analysis, a blank table (from scratch) and a budget.

add table analysis

To add a budget, select that block and then select the top Vali in the edit panel on the left.

Adding charts

There are various kinds of charts to add to the analysis.

add chart analysis

After adding a chart block, choose the type of chart and the data to show in the edit panel on the left.

add chart analysis