Introduction to the new Components interface

For the past number of weeks we have been busy re-designing the Components interface. We are proud to release our new clean design, with improved usability and consistency. The functionality is the same so it should take no time at all to find your way around. For now you can still access the old interface through "Components (legacy)" on the navigation menu.

Image of navigation menu

If you have any issues or suggestions about our new interface, please contact us directly at

Component tree

The new component tree looks very similar to the old interface:


Adding Valis

To add a new Vali to a component, click on the plus button in the lower right corner. In the popup you can then choose the type of Vali, the formula and unit.


Vali formulas

To edit a formula of a Vali, either click on the number in the Vali row and a popup will open:


Or open the Vali details with the arrow on the right in the table, and click on the formula to edit it in our new formula editor:


The new formula editor uses Latex syntax to display the formulas in a nicer way. This means that typing sqrt() will automatically transform to a square root symbol as the user types. The new editor also includes automatic parenthesis completion. In the formula, Valis are accessed as usual with a dollar sign $, however, when a Vali is selected a shorter form will be displayed to make the formula more readable.

New formulas

We have added some new special formulas which you can use in Valispace:

Formula Description
property($vali, property_name) Get a property of a Vali. Possible properities are: req_min, req_max (to get the min and max requirements respectively), worstcase_minus, worstcase_plus (to get the minus and plus worstcases respectively)
minoc() Minimum of children. Returns the minimum value of all Valis with the same type in the subcomponents.
maxoc() Maximum of children. Returns the maximum value of all Valis with the same type in the subcomponents.


The modes of a component can be accessed in the top tabs, in the upper right corner. Click on “Modes” to go to the modes page.


To add a new mode, click on the plus button in the lower right corner.


Setting, Valitypes and Tags

The settings can be found in the dropdown menu:

Image of navigation menu

or by clicking on your profile circle in the upper left corner:


In the settings you can edit the Valitypes and tags, similar to how it was done in the old interface.

In your profile settings, you can also change your password, update your name and email address, or add a profile picture.


Features not implemented yet

There are a few features which we are still working on to complete in the new interface. These features are still working in the old interface, but are not yet visible on the new page. Here is a list of a those features:

  • Project and component permissions
  • Notifications
  • Search
  • Time machine frontend (the history of Valis can still be seen in the Vali details)
  • Baselines

To access these features, you can always go back to the old interface if need.