Importing data from a spreadsheet

To import Valis from a spreadsheet into Valispace, start by clicking the “Import” button on the components tab.

Import data

Then, click on the “Continue without CAD file” button to quickly go on to the importing. You can then either drag and drop the spreadsheet you want to import, or search for it in your files. After selecting the right file, you immediately go to the preview of the spreadsheet.

select file

Next, hover over the part of the document that you want to import. Below, we import the properties of a Magnesium sheet. Make sure that the data is in the same format as the selected data below, otherwise the software might not recognise it. This means that the names of the Valis are on the left, the actual values next to it and the units on the right. Below, the fracture toughness is not imported because the value is not populated. Lastly, make sure that the units are correct, so exactly the same as they would be if you would actually actually create a vali in Valispace.

select data

On the right, you should now see all Valis that will be imported. Select the component where you want them to go from the drop down menu on the top. Now, click on the “Review selection” button.

choose component

You will then go on to the review tab. Check whether all values are correct. Do not worry about formulas looking weirdly, after importing they should be converted to normal Valispace formulas. If everything is correct, click the “Import selected” button.


If all went well, the data is now imported into your component. As can be seen below, the formulas will be transformed into normal Valispace formulas.