Mode management

Not every value is constant: e.g. a computer uses more power when it is ON than when it is OFF or in STANDBY. You can track these mode dependent values in Valispace.

Create modes

To create a mode, click the "Modes" button at the top-right of a component page. In this page, modes can be created as you would normally create a Vali, so by pressing the "plus" button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. To finish the mode, provide a name and the number of modes and hit create.

Mode dependent Valis

To make a Vali dependent on a specific mode, click the 'Make mode dependent' button for that Vali and select the mode you want it to use.

The Vali is then changed to contain the number of fields of the mode. You can change the individual Valis by clicking on the value field as usual.

Link modes together to create a relationship between them. They way it works is that you connect higher modes (e.g. satellite modes) to lower component modes (e.g. board compouter modes) to be able to specify the state of lower components in the higher mode. Create a link by expanding the mode in the component and link it to the lower mode that you want.

In the example below, the satellite modes is linked to the board computer modes and then you can specify the state of the board computer in the different phases of the satellite mission. The board computer is 'OFF' in the satellite 'Launch' mode, 'ON' during 'Science' and 'STANDBY' during 'Safe' mode. This way you can get the total power consumption in 'Science' mode depending on which component are 'ON', 'OFF' or 'STANDBY'.