With projects you can work on several separate developments within one Valispace deployment. If you only have one project nothing in Valispace changes and you don't have to use the projects. But if you are, for example, working on several different hardware projects or you want to have a seperate catalogue in which you save all components that are re-used between many projects, you can separate these inside Valispace.

Components, Analyses and Import/Exports belong to a project and Valis as well. To do calculations with Valis inside a project, they are accessed as usual with a dollar sign such as $component.vali

You can also access a Vali from a different project in the calculations by typing a dollar sign, scrolling down and clicking the "show other projects" button.

Show other projects

Add a new project

You can add a new project by first clicking on your project name in the top-left corner of the screen. This shows all projects in your workspace. Now, by clicking 'Create new project' in the bottom of the list, a new project is created.

Adding or changing between projects

A popup will show to let you type in a project name and then hit 'Ok' to add the new project.

Once you have added an additional project all your existing components will be placed in a default project called "project1". To rename the project, just right click on it in the sidebar tree and click rename.

To navigate between different projects, simply click on a different project in the drop-down menu.