Time Machine and Baselines

To maintain a good overview of a complex hardware development project, being able to see and compare historical data to the current design is very important. This is why in Valispace we have introduced two features:

Time Machine

You can access the Valispace Time Machine by clicking on the clock symbol clock symbol, floating in the lower left corner of the screen.
Using the slider on the left, you can see and compoare previous versions of your design. This feature works both, in the Components and the Analysis Tab.

Check out this video, to see the feature in action:

You can switch between view- and compare-mode by clicking on the show history only-button in the black Time Machine bar, which appears below the top-navigation-bar.


If you want to save a specific moment in time of your design as a baseline for future reference: 1) navigate to the exact point in time in the Time Machine (either using the slider, or the datetime-picker below) 2) Click on the + Symbol next to the Baselines heading in the Time Machine. 3) Provide a name for this baseline (e.g. initial design, prelimiary design review, etc.)

You can now load any of these baselines by clicking on the Load-Button, next to its name.