Valis can be of a certain type, e.g mass, power, length. A type has a name, a unit and can have a default formula. With types you can do calculations such as "sum of children", in which the Valis with the same type in sub components are added together.

Create new types

To create or edit types, navigate to the settings Menu. In settings, types can be created or edited in the "Valitypes" window.

To create a type click the + button in the bottom left of the screen. Choose the name and unit and hit 'Create' to add a type. Next to the name and unit, a description and default formula can be added. A default formula adds the Valitype to new components by default.

Valis with type

A Vali with a type has the same name as the type and you can only have one Vali with a certain type per component. When you add a Vali and start typing the name you will get a list of all types you have added to choose from.

For values that you can sum up, e.g. the total mass is the sum of the mass of the sub components, you can do this automatically with the 'sum of children' formula (using soc() or sum_of_children()). This function sums Valis of the same type in the sub components and gives you the total value.

Automatic budgets using types

In an analysis page, you can create automatic budgets and breakdowns using types. Click on 'Insert Budget' in the editor toolbar and choose the Vali you want to break down and the extra fields to display.

When you view the document the breakdown of the Vali will be shown as a table. You can edit all Valis and margins directly in the table if you like.