Time Sequences Module’s Variables are versatile and powerful tools that provide you with detailed insights and results of your mission scenario. For example, the user can calculate the total power consumption of your scenario or the time taken to drain your battery, or the fuel rate of your propulsion system. To define a Variable, all you need is a name, a formula, and a description. 

To add a variable, on the run page, click either on “+” and select ”Add variable”.

Upon clicking the “Add Variable”, a dialog box opens where the user can input the name, formula, and description of the parameter which is being calculated. Within the formula field(1), the user can input the mode-dependent vali and also perform the mathematical calculation.

Valispace also allows you to plot the chart for the integral of any of your variables(2), thus allowing you to seamlessly calculate and visualize complex calculations with a simple click. Once the variable is created, rerun the timesequence. A good example of how this could be used is to calculate the total power consumption of the Valicopter over time: