What's new in Valispace?

We have so much going on with a lot of new features already released and a lot of exciting new features coming soon. So let's jump into what we have released in the past month.

Faster and More Powerful Tables

On version 1.41 we have released a more powerful table as an Opt-In Beta feature. This Table brings a lot more functionalities, as well as an improvement in speed and usability. Currently, this feature can be activated under the Settings page, but in the following versions, it will be released as the default option. You can read more about this new table and all the new functionalities here

Burn-Up Charts for Requirements Verification

This new Dashboard block can be found as Count Graph inside the Charts Group and it is a graphical representation of the number of requirements left to be verified. With this graph, you can easily track the evolution of your Verification Process.

Permissions Page

No more clicking and navigating around multiple requirements and components to set up permissions. Now you can manage every Valispace Object's permission on the new Permissions Page on the Project Module.

Word Plugin

We have just released a new version of our Word Plugin with multiple improvements on performance and functionalities, and there is a lot more to come! To know more about it, visit our plugin documentation page or download it here directly

Google Docs

Our Google Docs addon has also been released! Currently, it is integrated with the Requirements Module and in the following version, more capabilities and modules will be added. With the addon, you can automatically import all your requirements into Google Docs with a customizable template table. To install the Plugin, go to the Workspace Marketplace or ask for your Google Account Manager to allow it in your company.

For more

For a comprehensive list of all the changes we’ve made in the latest updates, visit our Release Notes Page.

Tip of the Month

Test Runs on Timeline

Did you know that the Test Runs can also be shown on the Timeline? Once you have a test run with a date and duration defined, you just need to toggle the "Show test runs" option under the Timeline Settings.

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