When you have a set of high-level requirements of a system, It is better to break them down into lower level requirements or sub-system requirements. This section explains how you can easily break down requirements and create connections and track these requirements in Valispace.

Take, for example, requirement C - 0001 from the Valicopter-5000 project which states that the “The Valicopter transports 4 passengers within 15 minutes between two places within a city that are 10km apart at a cost of $50 per passenger.”. Requirements VC - 0001, OPS-0001, and 0PS -0002 are child requirements, which are broken down further where the requirement comes under product specification and operational specification. This relationship can be viewed in the "connections" tab.

Adding Children/parent relationships to Requirements 

In case you have already created the child requirements, you can simply connect them to the parent requirement by adding them in the children column field of the parent requirement. if the user adds any requirement as parent or children, the vice versa relationship is created automatically. In the drop-down menu, it is possible to add multiple requirements at the

If you are on the verge of breaking down the parent requirement and would like to add multiple requirements, please follow the following steps

  • Select the parent requirement

  • Upon clicking, the “Details” pops on the right side.

  • On the menu of the details, select the “children”. Here you can add the child requirements by clicking “+” and following a similar procedure for adding the requirements.

  • Note that when you create the child requirement inside the parent, the parent and columns are automatically updated by the Valispace in the respective requirements