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Admin Features

Admins, in the context of Valispace, are Users with specific rights and capabilities that normal Users do not possess. Depending on your Team structure one or several admins are defined during your Onboarding process with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. These rights are usually given to the Team Lead or Project Manager.

The aforementioned admin capabilities help to closely manage individual Projects in Valispace and include:

  • Add/activate/deactivate Users (also called Collaborators)

  • Assign Groups

  • Handle User or Group based permissions

  • Define additional columns in the Modules (also called “Custom Fields” or “Custom Columns”)

In this section of our Documentation we show you these commonly used capabilities which are useful to help you manage your Valispace instance.

Whenever you are unsure about a specific admin feature do not hesitate to reach out to our support team under

Add, Deactivate or Activate Users

Adding Single Users

  1. Navigate to the Project Module (1)

  2. Select the “Collaborators” tab (2)

  3. Click on the “+” sign on the right end corner to select the option “Create user” (3)


Creating Users - Only the Admins can create new Users

Once the “Create user” is selected, a new pop-up opens, where the information of the new user can be registered. You can notify the new user through email (1). Once the new user logins for the first time with the login credentials, the new user will be requested to reset the password. Also, you have the option to add the new member to the groups directly by adding the group names in the “Group” (2).


New Individual User - Information box for the New User

Add multiple users

To add multiple User you can use the “Import Users” feature, which is the second option in Figure Creating Users above. Once you select this option, the admin has to create a .csv file with the format shown below.


Bulk Add users - Users can be added in bulk by following the data structure

Once the .csv or .xlsx file is created with the information, you can just upload the document here and the users are added immediately. Groupname is not an essential field and it can be left out if you are not planning to assign the users to any specific groups. On the first login, the user is requested to reset the password.

Deactivate/Activate an existing user

To see the complete list of your collaborators:

  1. Click on Project

  2. Navigate to Collaborators


Deactivating Users - Enable the “Active” column and double click in the cell for the specific user to deactivate them.

Within Collaborators, you can edit the user name, as well as the first and last name of the users by double-clicking on the column field. Moreover, you can see the groups the users have been assigned to.

To deactivate a user,

  1. Select the column “Active” (3)

  2. Go to the cell of the user and double click on the cell to change the status from “True” to “False”

Create a group and assign users to it

Create Groups

  1. Click on the "Group" Tab on the top (1)

  2. Click on the "+" sign on the right corner (2) to add a new group

  3. Add the name of the group and click “Create” (3)


Creating a Group

Now you can add users to this group by double-clicking on the column field user. A pop-up opens up with the list of users in your Valispace instance. You can add the users and also delete them from the group by clicking the small “x” button next to the user’s name.


Adding Users to a Group

Deleting Groups

To delete an existing group, click the three dots on the right side of the menu available on the group name row.


Deleting a Group

Add additional columns to the Modules (also called “Custom Fields” or “Custom Columns”)

Valispace already offers a great variety of columns to describe your Requirements. However, if your use-case requires a specific column with a specific name you can add additional columns called “Custom Fields”.

Admins can create these “Custom Fields” under Settings > Custom Fields (refer to the image Custom fields within the settings menu).


Custom fields within the settings menu

Custom fields within the settings is only visible/accessible to admins.

Once selecting “Add custom field“ in the upper right-hand corner you will be presented with the following window.


Let us look at each field:

  1. Name - The name of the column that will appear as a header in the table.

  2. Projects - The Project(s) where the Custom Field can be used (can be in multiple).

  3. Target

    1. Requirements - A custom field in the Requirements Module is created

    2. Test Runs - A custom field in the Test Runs is created

  4. Field Type

    1. Text - Rich Text field column

    2. Select - Single select from a dropdown menu

    3. Multi Select - Multi select from a dropdown menu

    4. Number - Only allows numeric entries to the column

When selecting “Select“ or “Multi Select“ you will be prompted to define the individual options for the dropdown menu to choose from.

Once all of this is done hit “Save“ and navigate to the Module where you defined the Custom Field and verify if it was created correctly. 

For additional admin features such as:

  • Create new Workspaces

  • Delete Users

  • Reset Passwords

  • Custom Units

  • Delete Projects

  • Enforce SSO sign-in

Please contact your Valispace support under

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