What is a Beta feature?

Beta features are the new features in valispace developed for users, which is still in the second phase of testing and are not fully functional. We give the possibility to users to activate them so they can test them themselves and see if these features would be useful for their use case, and give us their feedback on the features.

The creation of Beta features generally comes from customer suggestions or little features that can improve usability. Once we have gathered enough experience from the beta version, the feature is added to the software and made available to any user without needing to activate it.

How can I activate the Beta features?

Each user has to personally activate them by following the steps in the gif below. If you have any suggestions for improvements/bugs, please feel free to let us know through our Jira service desk portal or through our email at support@valispace.com.

What are the Beta features available in Valispace?

Two beta features are currently available: formula editor and quick add.

  • Formula Editor

We are implementing a new formula editor which eases the way you define the formulas within Valispace. For example, “sqrt” or “ctrl + s” will create a square root function, “^” can be used for power, etc. Also, you have a blue highlight with a square box which makes it more comfortable for users to type their long formulas.

  • Quick Add Rows

The Quick Add feature allows you to create new requirements rapidly. After activating it on the tab’s left corner, it automatically displays a new requirement identifier with a default text. The user can then modify it and add it to the list of requirements.