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Flow 1: Plan Verification Activities

Verification & Validation Flow

The verification process in the new methodology comprises verification activities, verification items, and corresponding steps and runs. The verification item is the subject undergoing verification, focusing on requirements and components. The user can create tests, runs or upload files to verify the verification items within the verification activity.

The V&V module currently encompasses four distinct processes, each described in the following Sections.

Flow 1: Plan Verification Activities

This stage entails outlining the activities required to verify the designated verification items. A summary of this process involves identifying the verification items, determining the appropriate activities for each item, and establishing a plan outlining the steps and runs necessary to execute these activities effectively. This phase sets the foundation for the subsequent execution of verification tasks that could be done through compliance with files or test or manual verification flow.

Outline of Key Steps for the Workflow


Plan Verification Activity

This flow forms the basis for other flows, which simply involves creating a verification activity in the V&V module, adding the requirements and components to the verification items within the V&V module or from the requirements module, and creating a pre planned run with a start date and end.

This is demonstrated in the video below

How to Perform Verification Activities

Create Verification Activity

To start, you need to create a new verification activity in the system. This activity consists of a set of verification tasks you will perform on the requirements and components. To create a verification activity, navigate to the Verifications and Validations module (1) and click on the option “+ V&V Activity” (2).


Create a Planned Run

Once the V&V activity is created, an “initial run” is automatically created within the runs sections of the V&V activity. If the schedule for the planned runs is known already, the user can create the runs along with the start and end dates and use them later for different milestones.

Add Requirements and Components to Verification Item.

The following part is independent of the concept of Applicable Components. (see Requirement Module Section).

In the V&V activity, you can hover over to the Requirement statuses (1) to add requirements and components. To create a V&V Item , you can select the “Link Requirement”(2) option. This will open up a dialog box (3) where you can input the requirement and the optional component.


The user can add requirements and components to the V&V items. The components are optional and can be added along with the requirement. However, it is not possible to just have the component alone as a V&V item.

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