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Introduction to Valispace

Valispace is a collaborative Requirements and Systems Engineering Tool that allows you to derive product requirements from high-level needs, design your system taking into account physics calculations, automatically and continuously verify your product and lets engineers of all disciplines review and converge on optimal solutions in agile engineering cycles.

The software allows you and your team to work more efficiently when building complex hardware such as satellites, power plants, or autonomous vehicles, etc.

In a product cycle, there are various softwares such as ERP, PLM which aid in the product development. Valispace acts as your central Requirements and Systems Engineering Tool with an AI-assisted and Data-Driven Systems Engineering (DDSE) approach, which can be used in the different parts of the project and streamline your entire engineering process, from requirements definition to system design, verification, and validation, as shown in the image below.

Valispace is a collaborative and intuitive browser-based software and can be deployed both in the cloud or in-house on company servers. 

Some reasons you might want to use Valispace:

  • Today, all your engineering calculations are done in isolated Excel sheets which are not connected

  • You want to solve an engineering problem and be able to track and trace the history and also share your work

  • Your team needs central Data Storage with always up-to-date values

  • You want to be notified automatically when someone changes a design value that will impact your products’ requirements

  • Track every parent and child requirement of the system and make sure that they are verified at the end of the product cycle.

  • Use the help of AI to write, improve, breakdown and find inconsistencies in your requirements.

To get some ideas of what you can use Valispace for, visit our website.

Valispace is continuously looking for ways to Empower Engineers. Currently, our software provides the following features for you and your team:

  • Project Module - where you can centralize all your Project Management and Collaborative operations

  • System Design Module - to develop your Product and keep all your Design data up-to-date

  • Requirements Module - which is home to all your Specifications and Requirements (with an integrated AI-assistant)

  • Analyses Module - where all your Documentation can be written and stored

  • Scripting Module - to execute mathematical Simulations or run custom workflow using the Octave or python programming language

  • Tests Module - your paperless Test Management tool with full traceability to Specifications

Try out our online contact us to get a private Valispace deployment for your team

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