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MATLAB Toolbox

The Matlab Toolbox lets you read from and write to your Valispace deployment directly from your Matlab simulations.

Example usage:

% 1) Valispace Login

% 2) optional: pull all Valis for faster access or access via name

% 3a) get Vali as a struct
3a) ValispaceGetVali("MySat.Mass")

% 3b) get value
3b) ValispaceGetValue("MySat.Mass")

% 4) push value to Valispace
4) ValispacePushValue("MySat.Mass",0)

% 4b) update dataset (x values as first row and y values as second row)
4b) ValispacePushDataset("MySat.Mass", [0,1,2,3,4,5,6; 10,20,30,40,50,60,70])

% get matrix values from matrix ID
5)  ValispaceGetMatrix(217)

% push matrix values
6)  ValispacePushMatrix(217,[2,3;4,5])

% post data through REST API
7)  ValispacePost(url, data)

% get data in json format through REST API
8)  ValispaceGet(url)                       

Please note: until you run clear all the all ValispaceGetVali() and ValispaceGetValue() will use the cached values from your last ValispacePull() call.

ValispaceGetVali() / ValispaceGetValue() / ValispacePushValue() work with the argument as a string (name) or integer (id) i.e. ValispaceGetValue("MySat.Mass") and ValispaceGetValue(217).
When using these functions with an integer id, step 2) can be skipped. In this case, the WebInterface will be accessed with every individual call.

Both ValispacePushValue() and ValispacePushMatrix() can also push formulas (e.g. $MySat.Mass*5) instead of values

Download and installation

Download it from GitHub here and install the toolbox via double click. You can then activate it by clicking the Valispace Toolbox Icon in your Apps Ribbon inside Matlab.

The Matlab plugin is tested with Matlab version R2017a.

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