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Microsoft Excel Addon (for Windows)

The MS Excel Addon lets you exchange data bi-directionally between your Excel Worksheet and your Valispace deployment.

(Pull) Valis

By clicking on Add Vali in the ValiSpace Ribbon, you can select a Vali which you would like to reference in the cell which is selected. It will then be inserted.

By clicking on Refresh Valis in the ValiSpace Ribbon, all of your cells which reference (Pull) Valis in your workbook will be updated to the newest value from your Valispace Deployment.

Push Valis

Select a cell in your workbook, for which you want to recurrently upload its value to your Valispace deployment. Then click Add Push Vali to connect it to a Vali which you can select from the list.

Whenever you click Push Valis in the ValiSpace Ribbon, all Push Valis will be pushed to your Valispace deployment. You will receive a message with all performed updates.

Download and installation

  1. Download the latest version of the addon from the releases page in Github and store it to a folder of your choice.

  2. Open Excel, click on the main menu (or File in newer Excel versions) then Options --> Add-Ins --> Excel-Addins: Go...

  3. Click Browse and select the .xlam file, select it with a check-box and click OK

  4. A new Ribbon called Valispace should have appeared in the top main menu.

  5. To prevent the need to re-do the same steps every time you start Excel, you will have to add the folder containing the Add-In to your "Trusted File Locations". To do this, click on File --> Options --> Trust Center --> Trust Center Settings... --> Trusted Locations --> Add new location... –  Browse and add the folder where you stored the Addon.

  6. To setup Valispace, in the new ValiSpace Ribbon, select Settings and insert your deployment's URL with https://(e.g., your username and password and confirm with Save

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