This version features resolved bugs and improvements to the software.


Here are the biggest news:


  • Files Management - New tab and organization features

Valispace now has a new tab for File Management where you can centralize your Documentation and create folders to achieve maximum organization across teams



  • Timelines - Go To and Today buttons

Valispace now has two buttons on Timelines that allow you to navigate to any date you wish on the Timeline, and also a button that brings you back to today's tasks



  • Timelines - Search for tasks enabled

You can now search for tasks' keywords on the search bar and corresponding tasks will appear highlighted



  • Requirements - Easier Addition of Verification Methods

Adding Verification Methods to a Requirement is even easier now that Valispace has cut a middle step of having to click on a dropdown menu to do so. Now, all you have to do is click on the «+» button and a popup will immediately ask you which Verification you want to add



  • Requirements - Add multiple Verification Methods to the same Requirement at once

It is now possible for you to add multiple Verification Methods to the same Requirement in just one «+» button click



  • Requirements - Images Thumbnail presented on Requirement's header

Images attached to Requirements can now be visible on the Requirement's header



  • Mode Links - Transpose matrix

Valispace allows you to transpose Mode Links' matrixes to allow for better visual perception