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Release 1.35.14 (31 May 2021)

This version features resolved bugs and improvements to the software, including a new built-in function.


Here are the biggest news:


  • Introduction of Round function

Valispace now supports the round ( ) function which you can use in any vali. The built-in round ( ) function follows the specifications of Python's round function.

  • Tasks - New input and output columns on task table

It is now possible to add Specification's sections as inputs and outputs of tasks 

  • Tasks - Possibility to add a Requirements' section as an input to a task

Requirement's Sections can now be added to tasks as inputs or outputs.

  • Timeline - Display Test Runs in Timeline

You can now display your Test Runs on your Project's Timeline.

  • TimeSequence - Modedependent Variables with soc should change when children change

 Variables are now updated in accordance with changes on their Children. So, for this example, when sub-component sub2 is turned OFF, even though the component C3 remains ON, the charts of Power Consumption are plotted in accordance to the actual Power Consumption (meaning the contribution of sub2 to the whole system is zero until it is turned back ON)


  • Improve names of alternatives in budget tables

Alternatives are now displayed on Budget Tables, allowing you to faster recognize which Alternative is currently selected and affecting the overall budget of your model. 


  • Time Sequences - Changeable order of Variables on the results page

 It is now possible for you to rearrange your Time Sequence variables' order on the Variables' results tab.

  • Generic Attachment addition

Every Module on Valispace now has a generic pop-up to add attachments that also allows you to choose Analises from your project

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