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Release 1.38.21 (19 July 2021)

This version features resolved bugs and improvements to the software.


Here are the most important news you should be aware of:


  • Requirements - Improvements to Rationale Field and new Requirement Type Field available

Requirements' Rationale Field now allows to to reference Valis by typing «$» followed by the name of the Vali.

There is a new Field on the Requirements Module: Requirement Type. The default types are Functional, Performance and System but you can add new ones on User Settings > Requirement Types.

  • Time Sequences - Mode dependent Valis now appear on top of the Variables dropdown menu

Mode dependent Valis are now shown first when selecting a Vali to track on Time Sequences' Variables Feature.


  • Time Sequences - Selected tab persists for comparison between Time Sequences

Now, when you change between Time Sequences, the selected tab is kept so that you can easily compare results between the two.

  • Tests - New Step’s ID field

Valispace now allows you to set your Step ID’s to visible if you tick that option on the «Edit Visible Columns» menu.

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