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Release 1.40.22 (18 August 2021)

This version features resolved bugs and improvements to the software.

Here are the most important changes you should be aware of:

  • Better and Faster Tables as Opt-In Beta Feature.

Now you can change the view of the tables on the Valispace software to make it more distinct and visible. Go to Settings > Beta features > Grid based tables

  • Burn-up Charts for Requirements

Now you can track the total number of requirements and the number of verified and unverified requirements. Go to Dashboard > Add new block > Chart > Count graph.

Note: This feature is also available in the Analyses Module. Go to Analyses > Add new block > Chart > Count graph

  • Notify new users by email

Now when creating users, you will get the options to send an automated email to the users with the credentials. Click on the checkbox “Notify by email”.

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