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Release 1.42.18 (20 September 2021)

This version features resolved bugs and improvements to the software.

Here are the most important changes you should be aware of:

  •  New Tables are now fully functional

Earlier in Version 1.40, we introduced the new table feature as an optional beta version to test the functionality and ensure that it is working well. With 1.42 the new table feature comes in integrated with the software (i.e. you don't have to change the settings to adopt the table)

We have also prepared a complete guide on the changes the new tables feature might bring. 
Feel free to check out the guide:

  • ModeList Tab on Home page for components

In the new version in the Components module, you can see a list of all the modes that have been used in the project and the associated components to the module.

  • Connection graphs inside valis can be expanded/collapsed

Now Valispace gives you the option to expand/collapse the connection graphs of a particular vali. You can expand/collapse the graph as per the needs of the project.

  • Preview Values when editing Vali formula

New toggle is added to be able to preview values while editing vali formulas.

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