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Release 1.47 (7 December 2021)

In this version, many bugs were resolved and improvements introduced.

Here are the most important changes you should be aware of:

  • Requirement rule UX/UI improvement

The latest version of Valispace gives an option to add or change the requirement rule directly.

For adding or changing the requirement rule, expand the requirement and in the particular component row, the rule can be added or changed in the ‘Closeout reference’ column directly:

The change in the rule can be saved using the ‘Save’ button and also new rule can be added using the 'Add new rule' tab:

  • Implement axis zoom for Dataset graph

Now Valispace gives an option to implement axis zoom for Dataset graph.

For improving the visualization of the graphs and zoom for the dataset graph, place the cursor on the graph and zoom in:

  • Open the files attached in the analysis document directly

Now Valispace gives an option to open the files attached in the analysis document directly.

For opening the document in the analysis directly, hover over the document title in the text and you get a popup with open option. By clicking the 'open' option, it opens the document:

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