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Release 1.54.3 (4 April 2022)

The 1.54.3 version of Valispace software resolves various bugs and provides some improvements. The notable ones are listed below:

  • Components Tables Filters

This new feature allows user to filter within the components table to filter between alternative containers and various components. To use the filter option, click on the three dashes on the right side of the component’s ‘Name’ column, then appears the filter icon as shown in the below image. Here you can filter for the alternatives, components and also using keywords criteria.

  • ‘Import requirements’ icon in the empty specification page of requirement module

In the latest version of Valispace, the user has an option to directly import the data for the requirements table from external files on a blank specification page. The user can find the ‘Choose a file to import data’ link in the middle of the blank specification page as shown in the image below.

After adding a few requirements, the user can still import data from external files for the children of a specific requirement. This option is available under the children tab in the details of a particular requirement. A gif below gives the illustration on how to import.

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