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Release 1.65.9 (12 September 2022)

  • Improvements in the “ROWS” Count in the tables

In the previous versions of valispace, the number of rows doesn't necessarily mean the number of requirements or valis. The Verification method and the components or matrix valis are included in the “Rows”. In this release, we made improvements such that the “ROWS(1) shows the number of requirements in the specification/List all and the “SUBROWS(2) shows the count of the verification method and the components together.

  • Improvements in the “Details” section of the Discussion

We have made improvements in the “Details” section of the discussion object. In the previous version of valispace, the “Details” shows the responses and the status change that happened. However, we improved this in this version where the user can see the original title/text along with all the discussions and the status changes along with the “Related to” object as shown in the image below.

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