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Release 1.87 (04 December 2023)

  • New Column attribute “Path to Section”

This release introduces a new column attribute to display the hierarchical "path" of requirements within the respective section, subsection, and beyond. This

New Attribute - Path to Section

The "Path to Section" feature empowers users to export and share requirements with diverse stakeholders. Leveraging this feature, stakeholders can effortlessly import the exported data into their own deployments using the importer, ensuring the replication of the section structure within the specification for a consistent, collaborative experience.

  • Improvements In the Importer - Creation of Section structure

The importer can now map requirements from Excel or CSV exports, establishing the corresponding section structure within Valispace. This enables the seamless import of requirements, placing them within their respective sections/subsections if their “path to section” is clearly defined.

  • Improvements in the Document Exporter - MVP Version

Significant enhancements have been implemented in the Document Exporter feature, allowing the exporter to capture the formatting nuances of requirement text, rationale, title etc. This includes preserving attributes such as colour, bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, lists (numbered and bullet), and tables, ensuring they are exported within the chosen template.

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