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Release v1.80.14 (13 July 2023)

  • New popups for Requirement valis under the “Property” section

In the previous versions, the properties used in the requirements module were populated in the “Properties”. Furthermore, the requirements for creating the properties were shown in the “Used in” column. However, only the identifier was populated in the cells. So, in this version, we improved this by developing a dialog box which opens when they hover over the requirement identifier. The dialog box displays the information on specification, title and text.

  • Confirmation “Popup” on loop issue

In the previous version, when the user does an action related to “rename” or gets error, the “confirmation” popup opens. Choosing an option or closing did not close the popup as it is in loop. We have fixed this issue in this version.

  • Other Enhancements and Fixes

In addition to the bug fix mentioned above, this version includes minor bug fixes and improvements to enhance the overall user experience and product stability. These changes aim to provide a smoother workflow and address reported issues to ensure optimal performance.

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