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Release v1.83 (05 September 2023)

  • New and Improved “Actions” column

In response to valuable user feedback, we have enhanced the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of tables within Valispace. The focus of this update was on optimising space and accessibility.

We have relocated the "Actions" column to a more user-friendly location, now accessible via a convenient "three dots" selection on the left side (1) of the table. This change significantly increases the space in tables, providing a cleaner and more organised view of your data.

New Actions Improvement

The icons such as discussions, subscriptions, tasks, Master follower, and Master follower entrance review icons will be populated within the Identifier cell (2)

  • New “Export” Icon to export the requirements tables data to CSV or XLSX, or XML

You can now find a dedicated export icon within the requirements module, allowing you to export your requirements data in multiple formats seamlessly. This includes the flexibility to export to CSV, XLSX, and XML formats, depending on your specific needs.

New Export Icon

Note that for all tables within valispace, the user can export the tables by right-clicking on tables and using the export function. This new icon gives more visibility to new users and improves UX/UI for the user.

  • Valiassistant’s “Improved Requirements” suggestion

In this latest version, we're thrilled to introduce a significant enhancement to our ValiAssistant, designed to streamline the requirement creation process. Our ValiAssistant has evolved to provide you with even smarter and more relevant requirement suggestions as you create requirements.

  • As you input your requirements, the ValiAssistant will now be able to offer you refined suggestions based on the information you provide.

  • You can choose to accept these suggestions to speed up your requirement creation process or make manual adjustments as needed.

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