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Satsearch integrations

The satsearch integration enables you to populate your Valispace environment with subsystems and components from the satsearch database.

Setting up the integration on

To get started, sign up for an account at Once you’ve activated your account, log in, which will take you to your account home.

Click on Integrations to take you to the Integrations home.

Click on the Valispace integration tile. You can watch the video on this page for an overview of how the satsearch integration with Valispace works.

Click on the Activate button on the left(the image above shows the activated account), to activate the integration with Valispace for your account. You will be prompted to get in touch with the satsearch support team to activate the profile to use the valispace integrations. Once your integrations are activated you are good to go to use the satsearch integrations.

Click on the View Settings button or Settings tab that appears after successful activation to edit the URL for your Valispace server. You can use for testing purposes (if you’ve created a demo account previously) or use your deployment address.


Using the integration

To add a satsearch part to your Valispace project, navigate to a project page, e.g., S-band Transceiver. On the product page, below the image, you’ll see an Add to Valispace button. Click on this button to push an instance of this Transceiver to Valispace.

You’ll be prompted to log in with your Valispace credentials and authorize the integration to write data to your project.

If the part was successfully added to your Valispace project, you’ll be returned to the product page on satsearch and greeted with a success message.

To see the results of your push action, go to your Valispace project, where you will find the new component listed in your project tree.

Few things to note: Currently the import from the satsearch is being imported to the valispace. Since we are not providing the project id in the settings(deployment address), the component is automatically imported into the lowest project id(In most cases, it's Rocket_saturnV prepopulated project in your workspace). Therefore once the component is created, the user can move the component to another project using “move to another project”

We will add this capability to add the project id in the future. In case if you are not aware of where the product is located, you can use the search option and add the keyword and search in all workspaces. In this case, you can easily locate the location of an imported component.


For support relating to the satsearch integration, send an email to

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