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Sensitivity Analysis

In your projects, many of your parameters will be formulas and therefore dependent on other Valis. Valispace allows you to carry out a trade-off analysis of how each Vali within a formula affects the output Vali by carrying out a sensitivity analysis (see Figure “Sensitivity Analysis“).

  1. Click the Vali (1) you choose to perform the trade-off/sensitivity analysis

  2. Once you click the Vali, the details tab opens up. Click on the “Sensitivity Analysis” (2) in the top panel

  3. Choose the dependent variable (3) you would like to analyse in the drop-down menu


Sensitivity Analysis - The change of a certain Vali on a subsystem can be checked against a Valitype on the parent level.

The user has the option to change/edit the “Min” and “Max” range of the dependent variable and also the step size. Once the user clicks “Apply”, the impact graph will show the effect of the dependency on the Vali being analysed. 

For example, we have performed a sensitivity analysis on the Valicopter mass. We have chosen the dependency of the Cabin mass. Since the Cabin mass is a vali of a subsystem of the Valicopter there is a direct linear correlation between the Cabin mass and the overall mass. An example of an inderect relationship would be for instance a Satellite, where a battery efficiency is not directly linked to a power platform mass. However, the battery efficiency is used in the formulas to calculate the area of the solar panel which in turn affects the mass of the power subsystems, which in turn affects the platform mass.

All the Valis that have a relationship to selected Valitype (either through parent-child or through calculation) they will appear in the list as seen in Figure “Selecting Valis for Sensitivity Analysis“.


Selecting Valis for Sensitivity Analysis - All the Valis that are directly linked to the selected Valitype will appear in the highlighted dropdown.

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