Your engineering data in Valispace can now be connected with Slack via Zapier.


Get started with workflows like: Create tasks in Valispace from new pushed messages in Slack. Or check out the rest of our guided workflows. Save time with smart workflow automation.

 Work with more than 30 triggers and actions between the two apps, to build your own creative automation!



Send Valispace requirement violation alerts to Slack


Requirements and verifications form the foundation of complex hardware engineering. In order to ensure traceability and trackability, it is important for engineers to know when a requirement is violated in the design, so they can make the necessary changes. This zap allows instant alerts sent to specified Slack channel/direct message when a requirement verification in the Valispace project is violated.

Create tasks in Valispace from new pushed messages in Slack


Use this integration to create a new task in a Valispace project from a Slack message. This is meant for engineers to conveniently create tasks from natural conversations within their team's slack channels. To push the task, simply right click on the message, select Push to Zapier, and click on the Zap. When pushed, a new task is created in the Valispace project specified above in the zap, with the message as a title and extra added text as the description. The task is then linked to your engineering design in Valispace.

Send Valispace task completion notifications to Slack channels


Notify team members, system engineers, and managers instantly when an engineering design task is completed in Valispace. Complex hardware engineering teams work with inter-dependent tasks and duties between numerous subsystems and people. Make sure, team members are aware automatically of task completion with this zap, so they can take the next steps.