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Specification Import from Word Document Files


This tool enables users to import structured Word documents into Valispace. It was developed to read formatted Word documents that adhere to specific guidelines and automate the transfer of requirements directly into Valispace. This documentation provides the necessary steps and guidelines to prepare your documents and use the tool effectively.

Formatting Guidelines

To ensure the successful import of your document, it must be formatted according to the following standards:

  • Specification Name: Utilize "Heading 1" to mark the Specification Name.

  • Sections and Sub-sections: Use "Heading 2", "Heading 3", and further subheadings to indicate different sections and sub-sections of the document.

  • Requirement Identifier: Create and apply a custom paragraph style named "ReqID" to paragraphs that define the Requirement Identifier. This identifier is crucial for mapping the data correctly in Valispace.

  • Requirement Text: The body of the requirement should follow directly after the "ReqID" paragraph and be formatted in the "Normal" style.

  • Tables and Images: Include tables and images directly in the document. Tables will be imported into Valispace accordingly, and images will be attached to the respective requirements.

Files and Downloads

Example Document

  • Airplane Standards Example.docx: Use this document as a template to understand how to format your requirements correctly. It is critical that your document matches the structure demonstrated in this example.

Download Airplane Standards Example.docx

Import Script

  • This Python script reads the formatted Word document and imports the data into Valispace.


Usage Instructions

  1. Prepare Your Document: Format your Word document according to the "Airplane Standards Example.docx" guidelines.

  2. Run the Script: Run the script in Valispace's Scripting Module making use of the temporary access token for authentication. It can also be modified to run from the user's desktop environment.


This tool is provided "as is," with no guarantees of performance or appropriateness for a particular purpose. It serves as an example and may require modification to function with your specific configuration of Valispace.


This script and accompanying documentation are released under the MIT License. You are free to modify, distribute, and use them as needed, subject to the terms of this license.


For assistance, feedback, or to discuss your experiences with this tool, please contact us.

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