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Time Machine

Want to compare and see how your Valis/properties evolved over time? You can use the time machine within Valispace to see the differences. This feature lets you see the changes in the Components and Requirements Modules.

When you are inside the Components or Requirements Modules, click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner to access the time machine. Upon clicking, the drop-down tab opens and you can select the time machine.

Once it is selected, the time machine opens and you can select the time or baselines that you would like to compare. The baselines are like a bookmark where you can define the name and time of the event. The baselines can be PDR, CDR, or any other review meetings which you would use in the future to see how your design has evolved.

Once you define the time or baseline, the time machine retrieves the old values from the database and shows the values during the specific time as shown in the image below.

For example, the current mass is 3 216 kg while during the specified time, it was 2 316 kg. Thus, the user will see the history and the changes made in the entire Components and Requirements Modules.

A few things to understand:

  • The time machine only shows the changes and the history

  • The time machine does not show the deleted Valis or requirements

  • The time machine cannot revert back to the specified time

  • The components/requirements highlighted in red are the ones which changed (depending on the colour code specified)

Here’s a small gif to demonstrate how the time machine works.

Creating Baselines

The admins or users can create any number of baselines. As mentioned earlier, baselines are like bookmarks. The baselines store the specified time information with a name and description. The baselines could be related to the whole project, specific components or specifications/requirements.

You can create new baselines like those shown in the gif below.

There is one more way to create baselines. Go to the settings menu (1) of the user and then on the project settings, click on the option “Baselines” (2). Upon clicking the “Baselines”, the admins have the option to add new baselines (3).

Note: the created baselines can only be modified/deleted by the admins of the deployment.

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