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Vali Relationships

Vali Connections

Many of the Valis within your project will be formulas and calculations. Keeping track of relationships between parameters can oftentimes become complicated and difficult. This can lead to problems downstream in a project. Valispace enables you to keep track of connections between parameters by allowing you to view the connections between Valis.

To view the connections graph:

  1. Open the component (1) you would like to view

  2. Open the Vali (2) you would like to view

  3. The details tab pops up and within it, click on the “Connections Graph” Button (3)

  4.  Hide and show the name, unit, and value of the Vali using the tick boxes (4) in the bottom left-hand corner

  5. Save the graph as an image by clicking on the “Save as Image” button (4) in the bottom right-hand corner

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