Before getting to know about the different features within each module within Valispace, it is good to understand the differences between projects and workspaces.

Workspaces are isolated instances that can contain numerous projects. Projects are the ones where the user or the group performs the system and requirement definition. Within workspaces, the projects are created. The valis (properties) inside the projects can be referred to or used in different projects that are within the same workspace.

Like mentioned before, two projects from two different workspaces cannot communicate or refer to each other.

The image above shows the structure of how workspaces and projects are shown. For example, the above image “Default workspace” (1) shows the workspace are you currently in, and the “ValiFan” is the project you are using. Below that, you have the menu to create a new project (2) and also you have the list of other projects that are available within the workspace.

To change to the other workspaces, you can select the “More Workspaces” (3).

Things to know

When a deployment is created, we create two workspaces. One is the default workspaces where the whole team can create their mainstream projects and collaborate together. And there is “Training Workspace” which contains populated projects “Satellite_valisat” or “Valicopter_5000” where users can refer and see how the features of valispace.

Also, training workspace is the playing ground for the new users as they can create new projects and test and learn the features of valispace before testing in your mainstream projects.

Creating a new project

To create a new project, click on the project name (1), and new options pop up with the option to “+create new project” (2). Upon clicking, a new tab pops up where the user can input the project name (2).

Changing the name of the Project

In case, if you would like to change the name of the project you can do that by going to the project module and within the side menu, click on “About”. On the right side, a new information tab pops up. There you can edit the project name.

Few things to know

There are few options such as “Deleting Projects” or “moving projects” from one workspace to another workspace or creating more workspaces that can be performed in the backend. These can be performed by the admins of your deployment or valispace support team

Things to remember before requesting to delete the project

The user has to delete and unlink all the references with other projects. The user should empty all the modules. Then only the admins can delete the project. Deleting the project is explained in the Admin Features .

Things to remember before requesting to move the project from one workspace to another

The project should have not any links with other projects. That means the valis inside the project should be used in the other projects.