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Generate Requirements

Generate Requirements is a feature available in ValiAssistant. It generates a set of requirements from an inputted description of your project or stakeholder requirements. These requirements can then be adjusted before deciding whether to finalize their creation in your project or whether to discard them. This feature accelerates the creation and ideation process by enabling you to generate requirements quickly that you can iterate on and not have to start from scratch.

Here’s how it looks like:


Currently, the Generate Requirements feature can only be accessed through the ValiAssistant from 2 location, while in the Requirements Module.

Location 1: Generate requirements accessible from an empty specification

It applies the generation process to the current view. Meaning the ValiAssistant will select the open specification as the default landing zone for the new requirements

Location 2: ValiAssistant action button at the top bar - Brings you to the ValiAssistant menu

It applies the generation process to the current view. Meaning for the specification or section open, the ValiAssistant will select that location as the default landing zone for the new requirements

Steps to Generate

Improve Requirements is composed of three main stages: “Text”, “Requirements Generation & Adjustments” and “Confirmation”. These stages are detailed below.

1 - Text

After triggering Generate Requirements, you are brought to a blank text where you must input some text describing your project. This can be any of the following:

  • Description of your project

  • Stakeholder requirements

  • For example, try inputting: “We want to build a flying car to allow travel between major cities”

2 - Generated Requirements Review

At this stage, the ValiAssistant has created a set of requirements from your text.

You can now edit the identifier and specification/section and further adjust the text of these requirements.

After that, you must decide which requirements you wish to improve. That is done via the check box on the left of each requirement.

By default all requirements are selected for improvement

Press “Continue” to finalize the generation of these requirements or cancel to terminate the process and discard any suggestions.

3 - Confirmation

If there are no errors with the requirements, you will see this page signifying that the requirements were successfully created.

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