The Valify feature analyzes the requirements text in search for quantifiable properties to convert them to Valis. This aims to facilitate the parameterization of requirements by automatically creating new Valis that can be then used for multiple purposes, reducing the effort and error probability associated with this manual parameterization work.

Here’s how it looks like:

Valify Example


Currently, the Valify process can be initiated from three different locations, while at the Requirements Module:

  • Valify action button at the top bar

  • Valify action button at each line of the requirements table

  • In the last step of the import wizard

  • Location 1: ValiAssistant action button at the top bar - Brings you to the ValiAssistant menu

If Valify is started from the top bar button, the currently selected Specification or Section will be processed

Location 2: ValiAssistant quick action button in the Actions column of any requirement found in the requirements table - Shortcut drop down to ValiAssistant options

If Improve Requirements is started from requirements table quick action button, the currently selected requirement(s) will be processed

Location 3: Import Wizard Completion Page - The last step in the requirement import process

If Valify is started from import wizard, all the imported requirements will be processed

Location 4: Create New Requirement pop up - a check box at the bottom of the pop up

If Valify is started from the create requirement pop up, the requirement that you are currently creating will be processed

Steps to Valify

Valify is composed by three main stages: “Pre-loading”, “Loading & Info” and “Valifying”. These stages are detailed bellow.

1 - Pre-loading

After triggering the Valify, the user is informed of exactly how many requirements will be checked by the Valify process and decide if he wants to continue.

2 - Loading & Info

After confirmation to Valify, the user is presented with a loading screen while Valispace searches the selected requirements for possible Valis.

If no possible Valis are found a warning message will inform the user of that result and Valify process will end.

In case potential Valis are found, the user receives information on how many Valis where found, in how many requirements so that the user can decide to proceed with the Valify process or cancel it.

3 - Valifying

If the decision is to Valify, the user is presented with a loading screen while Valispace creates the Valis and updates the requirements.

If the creation of Valis is successful, Valispace will inform the user of how many Valis where created and in how many requirements, concluding the the automatic Vali creation with Valify.

A summary will be displayed at the completion screen in case any errors occurs during the creation of Valis or the requirements' update