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Release 2.4.16 (18 June 2024)

  • Custom Prompts

We are excited to announce the release of our new "Custom Prompts" feature! This feature allows deployment admins to create their prompts, overriding the default prompts of the ValisAssistant feature. For detailed information, please refer to the documentation here.


  • Verification matrix for the V&V module

We have implemented the verification matrix in the Verification and Validation module (V&V). Now, the user can assign the requirements to the V&V activity using the verification matrix.


Note that this is only available for users who have enabled the V&V module.

You can double-click on the cell to assign/unassign the requirement to the V&V activity. You can also unassign the requirement to the activity.

  • Compact view on the “Quick Load” tables

We have added the "compact view" feature to the quick-load tables, which were previously available only in the old tables.


  • Improvements in Default components

Improvements have been made to the “default components” in the specification/section. You have a new pop-up dialogue box asking for the user’s choice to propagate the default components to the existing requirements.


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