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Release v1.81 (31 July 2023)

  • Valispace Quickstart

    Valispace Quickstart is a new feature that enables new and existing users to get started. The Valispace Quick Start menu has three paths that users can do while creating a new project. More information on this feature can be found here.

  • Copy of “Custom column” within the Reuse feature (Simple Copy)
    Users can now import new requirements and its custom column information. The user can now select the fields, including the custom columns they would like to copy within a “Simple Copy” option within the Reuse feature.

  • Components Module: Part Number Missing bug on the “List all” of components

In the previous versions, the part numbers of the components were not populated in the “list all” tables of the components module. This bug has been fixed in this version.

  • Create a Custom column field through a new endpoint

Users can now create the custom column fields through the endpoint /data/custom-field/ in the REST API. You can find more information on the custom columns endpoint on how to GET, PUT or PATCH in our documentation here.

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