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Review Center - MVP version

A Review is a formal assessment of the current state and maturity of a given object and it is a common practice in engineering work. The Review Center allows managers and engineers to manage and perform this review process in Valispace, directly on the data that already exists in the platform and giving full traceability of the process.

The first version of the Review Center was released on Valispace version 1.49 and it gives the users basic functionality for creating and managing reviews. However, we are already working on the next updates for this feature which will bring much more functionalities.

If you are interested in learning about the next upgrades and giving us feedback on this feature, please send us an email to


You can find this review center icon in the top right corner near the help resources.

Also, we have added a new column “Reviews/My Rating” in the columns section which you can enable or disable. The column shows the history of reviews and the results of each review.

Terms definition

  • Review:

    • A Review is a process in which users will start to assess a set of Review Objects maturity and establish a technical baseline for its current state.

  • Review Object:

    • A Review Object is an object assigned to a specific Review.

    • Currently, requirements and valis can be assigned as a Review Object.

  • Moderator:

    • The user who creates the review, adds the review objects and selects the reviewer and approver

  • Reviewer:

    • The user(s) who performs a review on a given object, giving it their "rating“ and comments

    • One review object can have multiple reviewers;

    • A user can be a reviewer in multiple reviews

  • Approver:

    • Is the final user who decides if that review is finalized

      • A Review can have multiple approvers

      • A user can be an approver of multiple reviews

Creating/setting up a new Review Process - Moderator

To create a new review process for the objects, there are two methods by which you can set up your review process. The first method would be to multi-select the objects by clicking on the check-boxes and then click on the three dots to the right side and then select “Start Review”.

Starting a review - Method 1

The second method would be clicking on the review center icon and then clicking on Set-up review on the top of the sidebar. Upon clicking, the moderators will be asked to add objects into the review. Selecting the object is the first step of the review process.

Once the objects are selected, the moderator needs to provide information such as the description of the review process and assign reviewers and approvers. Once the moderator assigns the reviewers and approvers, the moderator can provide the due date and then send the request for review to the reviewers and approvers.

An example of setting up the review process is shown in the following gif.

A full overview of the setting up the review process


Once the moderator sends the review to the reviewer and approver, the concerned users will receive a notification like shown below

Notification when you are added as a reviewer

Upon clicking the notification or the review center icon, the reviewer can see the review process option. The reviewer will be able to choose any one of the states/ratings for each object. The currently available ratings are Approved, Needs work, and Rejected. In case the reviewer has any questions on the objects, he can start a discussion with the team members using the discussion menu near the object on the review center tab.

The above gif demonstrates the review center process reviewer’s perspective. The gif shows how you can assign your ratings and then start a review discussion on the review objects. Note that you cannot finish the review process with an open review discussion. That is why the discussion state is changed to resolved in the gif before clicking finish.

It is important to highlight the difference between the review discussions and the normal discussions (i.e the discussions created in valis or requirement). The intended use for the review discussions is for a user to justify or clarify their review ratings.

The discussions created on the Review Center will be associated with the respective review and will be deleted if the review is deleted.


The final step of the review process is the approval of the reviewed objects performed by the assigned Approver. This will complete the review process and finalize the rating provided by the reviewer.

Approvers menu

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