Valispace allows you to add tags to components, requirements, test modules, and Valis. It is a useful feature if you want to combine similar things. For example, if you have a set of requirements that need to be reviewed, you can add a new tag” to be reviewed” to the requirements. Later, you can filter the tags and do the review more easily.

In the example below, you can see that you can add tags to a particular Vali and later review it or use the filter option to view all the Valis with similar tags.

You can also create a new tag like in the example below. Note: press “enter” after creating the desired tag.

Changing the colour of the tags

To change the colour of the tags, go to Settings and then “Tags”. Follow the gif below to choose a new colour.

Changing the colour of the tags

Good to know: do you know that you can now add tags to your requirements and also tags to your verification methodology? To do so, go to the requirement and drop down your verification method and then the components. Within the component row, you can add or create new tags to your verification process like mentioned above procedure. Below is an example of adding verification tags to the requirement.

Adding and Filtering the Verification Tags

Note: every requirement in Valispace has its verifiable object (component). In case, the user hasn't added a component to the requirement, the verification column fields will be empty. These columns get active only when you attach a component to the requirement.