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An owner is usually a user or a group who is responsible for one or more components/systems of the project. They want to keep track of all the changes made to the part of the project they are in charge of.

In Valispace, a user can become an owner for any of the following:

  • Components

  • Requirements

  • Specifications

  • Test procedures

As a result, the user will get the following notifications:

  • Update of component name (for the component owner)

  • Move or create a child component (for the component owner)

  • Create a new Vali (for the component owner)

  • Update Vali (for the component owner)

  • Set ownership (both for component and specification owner)

  • Create requirement (for specification owner)

  • Add a component to specification (both for component and specification owner)

  • Remove a component from the specification (both for component and specification owner)

  • Editing the test steps or adding additional information (for the test procedure owner)

PowerUserTip: click here to read more on how to see and access notifications.


The owner will only receive notifications for his components and specifications. He will not automatically receive notifications on sub-components that he does not own.

There can only be one owner per component and specification.

However, you can also assign a group as owner, which is a collection of users. Read more about groups and users here.

PowerUserTip: if you are interested in receiving notifications on components that you do not own, you may make use of the "Subscribe to Notifications" function for Valis and components. Read more here.

How to: Assign an Owner

To assign an owner of a Component:

  1. Go to the Components Module

  2. Select the Component you wish to assign an owner to (1)

  3. Go to the Details tab

  4. Under "Owner" start typing the user or user group name and select the owner (2) (Refer Figure Component Owner Assignment )


Component Owner Assignment - Valispace interface for setting a component's owner

To assign an owner of a Specification:

  1. Go to the Requirements Module

  2. Select the specification you wish to assign an owner to (1)

  3. Under "Owner" start typing the user or user group name and select the owner (2) (Refer Figure Specification Owner Assignment)


Specification Owner Assignment - Interface for assigning an owner to specifications

To assign an owner of a Test Procedure:

  1. Go to the Test Module (1)

  2. Select the test procedure you wish to assign an owner to

  3. Under "Owner" start typing the user or user group name and select the owner (2) (Refer Figure. Test Procedure Ownership)


Test Procedure Ownership - Valispace's Test Module showing owner assignment

To edit or delete the ownership:

Simply hover over the owner and click on the "edit" symbol.

PowerUserTip: every user or group of users of your workspace with access to the project can become an owner.


How to: See all Ownerships

  1. Go to Projects

  2. Navigate to "About" (1)

  3. Under "Component Ownership" you can see all assigned owners (2) (Refer figure Overall Component Ownership)


Overall Component Ownership - Options in “About” section to see all component’s ownership.

Things to know

There is a hidden feature within Valispace’s admin panel that allows the owners to control the permission settings to edit/modify the Valis within the components. Other users who are not owners will have “read-only” permission. If you would like to set it up, please contact to enable this option.

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