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Release 1.86 (21 November 2023)

  • Custom Actions through Valiassistant

In this version, We've expanded the capabilities of custom actions by adding the possibility to interface with the Vali-Assistant endpoint, enabling users to implement custom workflows, including tasks such as translating requirements and assessing requirement quality etc. For detailed information and guidance on utilizing Custom Actions, please consult the documentation available here.

Example of a custom action “Translate” through vali-assistant

  • Quick Load tables - toggle On and Off

In earlier releases, we introduced beta versions of quick-load tables. Now, you can toggle them On/Off seamlessly within the requirements module at any time. You can find more information on the quick load tables here.

Quick load tables within requirements module

Also, you have a button for “Beta Feedback” form. Once clicked, this will take you to a google form and you can provide your feedback/suggestions on the new tables. Please feel free to let us know about any improvements.

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