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Fan Tutorials

"Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand."

The goal of this set of tutorials is to cover the most basic functionalities of Valispace. In this use case, we will create a preliminary design of a table fan with a set of Requirements and Components, perform Mass Budget Analysis and Dynamic Analyses for user interaction and also develop a Quality Testing Procedure.

And all this while having a great User Experience inside the Valispace Software.



Fan Requirements and Components

The ValiFan we will design has few requirements and has to be considered throughout the design phase. The fan assembly has subparts with different modes which are explained in the coming sections.


- The mass of the fan shall not exceed 300g

- The mass of the Propeller shall not exceed 50g


The Fan is the higher assembly (Parent) with three modes - ON, LOW and HIGH. Inside that Parent Component we will have the following:

- Motor with three different speed settings (OFF, LOW, HIGH)

- Propeller

- Speed Controller with two different power modes (ON, OFF)

- Structure


ValiFan Breakdown

Vali - Parameters of components or analyses which can be used in calculations and documentation. A Vali has a numerical value and also contains additional information such as type, unit, formula, description, and min/max requirements.

ValiType - Type of a Vali which is used to perform automatic calculations such as "sum of children". A type can be for example mass, power, or flight time.

Components - Model of physical parts of your product that are represented with hierarchical relationships in a component tree.

Requirements - Way of managing a project’s requirements easily and efficiently.

Analyses - Dynamic documents used to store reports, engineering budgets, and charts.

Scripting - Used to perform more complex calculations using the Octave engine and using python and also perform custom work flows

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