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How is this Documentation organized?

The documentation is based on the Valispace version v1.41 or v1.42. Note that we release a new update on average every two weeks. Since the software is constantly evolving, few options might have been modified since this documentation has been last updated. We are doing our best to keep it updated but if there are any inconsistencies in the texts, images or gifs, please feel free to send us your feedback at We will review and update it accordingly.

The Documentation is organized in sections starting from “Introduction to Valispace”, followed by a small fan tutorial in which the user will do the system design and requirement definition of Valifan and get to know the most basic features of Valispace.

The General section is where new updates, newsletters and admin features are explained. Sooner or later, we will introduce the updates on the bug fixes and also the future features to look for.

Once the user completes the tutorial, they can refer to the Features explained section to have a detailed explanation of each module in Valispace. The modules are:

Within each module, the advanced features of this module are explained.

The next section is the Integrations where the plugins such as Word, Google Docs Addon, STK, satsearch, Excel and other integrations are explained.

Additional information such as FAQ, Change Logs and API Documentation are added below.

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